Every time they make a video, that I like I'll show the Photos here for all to see. make some videos if ur lucky. go to YcatsVlogs to see my vlogs on legos or vlogs or w/e. if you look at Ycots Tumblr you can maybe see photos from them there or here maybe. I also, add some photos at http://facebook.com/groups/ohyeaharmy (ycats youtubers) my fan twitter is http://twiter.com/realohyeaharmy I'm not CLAIMING all the photos i post as MINE. i do reblog some photos to show you where i get my photos from. Print screening aka screen capping is not stealing photos when no one took the photos its from a video. so, its ok to CLAIM them has your photos and to put your name on them. but also, if it was not for them uploading the videos i wouldn’t have a video to print screen photos on. so thanks to them for that. Go to this link http://ycatsyoutubers.tumblr.com/Links to see all the links for all the photos i use. this is my " CREDIT" to them for all there hard work. THANKS SO MUCH!!! also look at link 2. all links over to the left → → → → PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTED NOTE: just like to say that if you want a shout for your site and a post to CREDIT you for your photos then message me please and i'll do so and i'll also put ur link on my link page. http://ycatsyoutubers.tumblr.com/Links and http://stacyfamouspeople.tumblr.com/Links so, if you don't see your link on that page let me know. don't bitch at me or be mean cause then you will not get nothing. i don't CLAIM nothing has MINE. if you don't want people posting your photos then please don't post them on a public site. Also, if i reblog your photos then that is letting you all know that is also, where i get my photos from too. Have any questions ask me and i'll be happy to answer then. always remember to BE NICE AND BE HAPPY!!!!! Thanks!!!! SORRY, BUT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ME TO KNOW WHEN I HAVE NEW PHOTOS OF JOEY GRACEFFA OR THE SHAYTARDS. WHY CAUSE I CAN'T TAG ANY PHOTOS OF THEM. TO MANY PEOPLE ARE MESSAGING ME COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM. SORRY AGAIN. I'M NOT CLAIMING PHOTOS HAS MINE. WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T YOU GET???